Assessments & Liens

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Special assessments & collections

The City of St. Petersburg uses assessments and liens as a method to ensure the collection of funds owed on improvements and other services provided. The assessments are created as a result of the City performing work that benefits individual properties as well as neighborhoods. The Special Collections Division oversees the collection and maintenance of a variety of assessments and liens, in addition to outstanding City invoices and other funds owed to the City.   

Lien Research Request

A lien research request can be completed online and will include information on outstanding balances for active utility account charges, special assessments and utility liens.

Please note before getting started:

  • There is a $55.00 fee per request.
  • Recording information or photocopies of recorded documents are not provided.
  • For Code Enforcement Board liens, contact Codes Compliance at 727-893-7373.
  • For Nuisance Abatement liens, contact the Police Department at 727-892-5427.
  • Please be sure the subject property is in the City limits. The above fee will be charged even if the search reveals that the property is outside city limits.
  • Results will be provided within 3 business days from receipt of request.
  • Complete one Lien Research Request for each subject property/parcel identification number.
  • A pay thru date must be provided on each search request.  Once the pay thru date expires, a new lien research request must be submitted.
  • All fields must be completed.
  • The City of St. Petersburg assumes no liability for errors or omissions contained in the research response.

Lien Search Request 

Special Assessments

The Capital Improvement and Voluntary Capital Improvement Assessments are of a one-time nature. These are generally large projects that affect many customers and are not expected to be repeated any time in the near future. Project examples include area Improvements, sanitary sewer, paving, sidewalk, dredging, seawall, and reclaimed water. 

Non-Capital Improvement Assessments are continuing assessments and are projects that may be repeated many times and are generally located at individual addresses. Project examples include lot clearings, demolitions, and securing property

For assistance or information on these assessments, contact the Special Assessments Division. 

Special Assessment Lien Modification Program

The City of St. Petersburg has established the Special Assessment Lien Modification Program. The intent of the program is to promote reinvestment and revitalization of property by providing a property owner, under certain terms and conditions, reasonable relief from burdensome accumulated interest on certain existing Special Assessment Liens. More information can be found in the Special Assessment Lien Modification Application.

Special Collections

Contact the Special Collections Division for matters related to City invoices, returned checks, and utility liens related to unpaid utility service balances.