Nondiscrimination and Accessibility in St. Pete

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St. Pete Supports Accessibility

The City of St. Petersburg has a long commitment to the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In 1972, before the ADA was signed, the City of St. Petersburg created the Committee for Assistance to the Physically Impaired, and in 1995 the City established the Committee to Advocate for Persons with Impairments (CAPI). CAPI ensures that the City’s programs, services and activities are accessible for people with disabilities. All City of St. Petersburg departments and agencies work to ensure accessibility and welcome participation by people with disabilities in all of their programs and services. 

Community Disability Survey

The City of St. Petersburg is conducting a community survey to collect feedback on disability accessibility. We’d like you to let us know how well the City delivers programs and services for individuals with disabilities, ways we can better reach and support you, and what matters most to you.

If you have a disability, know someone who does, or serve as a caregiver, we want to hear from you. The survey can be completed online below until October 31.

Community Disability Needs & Satisfaction Survey

Accessibility Aids, Services, and Programs

The City is committed to making St. Pete accessible to all residents and visitors, and provides auxiliary aids, services, and programs, as routine or upon request. The City also facilitates providing accessibility aids and services to groups who request them in an effort to encourage inclusive and accessible organizations, businesses, and events. For inquiries, contact the ADA Coordinator at 727-893-7229 or

Parking & Transportation 

Transportation barriers can present huge challenges to people with disabilities. The City of St. Petersburg strives to offer accessible parking and transportation so that people with disabilities can safely and comfortably get around the city. For more information about parking, transportation, and getting around in St. Pete, visit the main Parking & Transportation page. 

To report a vehicle, within the city of St. Pete, that is parked in an accessible spot without the proper disabled parking placard/license plate displayed, call the non-emergency phone number to the St. Petersburg Police Department at 727-893-7780. Once reported, someone from the Police Department or Volunteer Road Patrol and Parking Enforcement Specialist Unit will be sent to investigate.

Parks & Recreation

The City of St. Petersburg supports accessible recreation and there are many resources and public areas throughout the city that allow for inclusion and enjoyment of local recreational activities.


The City of St. Petersburg is committed to providing prompt and equitable resolution of Title II problems. In most cases, the ADA Coordinator can resolve problems and concerns quickly and informally. When that is not possible, an internal grievance procedure has been established. The ADA Coordinator is responsible for investigating and resolving those complaints. In addition to the internal grievance procedure, individuals may file an administrative complaint with a designated federal agency or with the Department of Justice and have the right to file a private lawsuit for injunctive relief and damages. 

Accommodation Request Form     ADA Discrimination Complaint Form

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)/Title VI Statement

The City of St. Petersburg is committed to making sure vital program access is available to all citizens and visitors. If you need language translation to access those programs, please contact the City’s ADA and Diversity Coordinator at 727-893-7345 or

La ciudad de St. Petersburg se compromete a garantizar que el acceso al programa vital esté disponible para todos los ciudadanos y visitantes. Si necesita traducción de idiomas para acceder a esos programas, comuníquese con el Coordinador de Diversidad y ADA de la Ciudad al 727-893-7345 o