Foreclosure Registry

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Foreclosure Registry

City ordinance 48-H (Sec. 8-146) requires the registration of properties subject to foreclosure action within 10 days of filing foreclosure action or within 10 days after the mortgagee has notified the borrower of default and the mortgagee finds evidence that the property is vacant. The ordinance also requires properties subject to pending foreclosure action to be registered within 60 days.

The City of St. Petersburg collects the required registration information here. Registration costs $230 and are valid for one calendar year. Changes to registered properties should be reported within 10 days of the change. Properties that are vacant should be posted with the name and twenty-four-hour contact telephone of the mortgagee’s local agent. 

If you have received a case number from the Codes Compliance Assistance Department, you can pay your registration fee here. If you would prefer to send the check by mail, please send it to: 

City of St Petersburg
Attn: Codes Compliance Assistance Payments
One 4th St. N.
St Petersburg, FL 33701

If you have any questions about the registration requirement or if you are disputing non-compliance and/or the obligation to register, please reach out to the Codes Compliance Assistance Department at 727-893-7373 or