Neighborhood Improvement

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The City works to help preserve and improve the health of all its neighborhoods, and residents can get involved in these efforts in a number of ways. For code compliance information and actions, visit the Codes Compliance page

Neighborhood Team (N-Team)

The Neighborhood Team, or N-Team, is staffed by City employees who, along with volunteers, assist people in need and improve the community. While code enforcement is necessary to protect the values of aging properties, some homeowners cannot afford to repair their homes. N-Team workers help relieve that burden by providing the following services: exterior painting, carpentry, handicap access ramps, minor roof repairs and patching, roof tarps, minor plumbing, junk/trash and debris removal, overgrowth removal, and code violation repairs. Free home improvement services are available to St. Pete homeowners who are elderly, disabled, or low-income.

To apply for assistance from the N-Team, complete the application below either online or a paper application. Any questions, call 727-893-7373.

Neighborhood Team Assistance Online Application

Neighborhood Team Assistance Paper Application

Neighborhood Cleanups

Neighborhood cleanups are provided once a year for neighborhoods through an application and approval process. To organize an annual neighborhood cleanup call 727-892-5141.

Housing Assistance Programs

Residents who need help with repairs to their existing home or want more information on low-interest loans for a home purchase can contact the Housing Department at 727-893-7247.

Stray Animals & Injured Wildlife

Pinellas County provides resources and actions for residents with concerns about free-roaming community cats, illegally tethered or lost animals, injured wildlife, and other urban animal issues. Learn more at the Pinellas County Animal Services site.

Rodent Control Program

The City can assist in rat control on the outside of properties and in neighborhoods. Learn more about rodent control tips and the City's Rodent Control Program here. For help with rodent control inside a residence, contact a private exterminator. 

Environmental Stewardship

As part of our ongoing efforts to preserve and enhance the well-being of all neighborhoods, the City encourages residents to actively engage in environmental stewardship. Through initiatives like the Adopt-A-Drain Program and Storm Drain Marking Kits, individuals can play a crucial role in safeguarding local waterways and preventing pollution.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Neighborhoods can be negatively impacted by heavy traffic volumes and high vehicular speeds on residential streets. Traffic calming strategies can improve the quality of life in neighborhoods by reducing the speed of traffic and discouraging cut-through traffic. Speed humps are one of the most common traffic calming requests by residents concerned with excessive speeding in neighborhoods.  Over 1,000 speed humps have been installed city-wide through the City’s Neighborhood Transportation Management program which has seen the adoption of neighborhood traffic plans for most neighborhoods in St. Petersburg and outlined a process by which the City can consider if additional speeds humps should be installed.  The process is one that allows the City to remain responsive to resident requests while also ensuring appropriate community consensus is attained before traffic calming devices, including speed humps, are installed.

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