Community Services

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Serving the community is at the foundation of what the City is here to do, funding programs and resources dedicated to making the community a better, cleaner, more accessible place to live. 

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The City of St. Petersburg has a long commitment to the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

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Codes Compliance

Information about enforcement, violations and how to properly maintain property.

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Resources and how to help those experiencing homelessness.

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Visit the St. Pete libraries website for information about programming and hours of operation.

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Neighborhood Improvement

Organize a neighborhood clean up, facilitate a traffic study or learn about available city resources that help the community.

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St. Pete Neighborhoods

Find your neighborhood association.

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Street Sweeping

View the street sweeping map.

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Tree Maintenance & Conservation

Learn about guidelines for tree maintenance and removal, and what the city is doing about tree conservation.

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Volunteer Opportunities

A great way to stay involved in the community and invest through a donation of personal time and labor. 

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