Historic Gas Plant District Redevelopment

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Historic Gas Plant District Redevelopment

Project Overview

Spanning 86 acres nestled in the middle of St. Pete, with one of the most vibrant and walkable communities in the nation, the Historic Gas Plant District (formally known as the Tropicana Field site) represents an opportunity unlike any other in the Southeast. The new Request for Proposal process will ensure intentional equity, vibrancy and economic vitality for years to come.

A Message from Mayor Welch

2022 Request For Proposals Process

After careful consideration, we determined the RFP resulting in a developer recommendation in late 2021 was outdated and did not adequately reflect current economic conditions, new workforce trends or comprehensive city needs. 

A new RFP was issued to ensure proposals reflect current needs regarding affordable housing, recreation, hotel and convention space, jobs, community impact and placemaking, among other considerations. 

The new RFP was released in August, with responses due by 10:00 am (ET) December 2, 2022.

Developer Pre-proposal Meeting

There was a pre-proposal meeting planned for developers interested in submitting a proposal on September 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. This hybrid meeting was accessible either by attending in-person at the USF Ballroom or by Zoom.

Historic Gas Plant District RFP

RFP Addendum #1

Historic Gas Plant RFP Questions and Answers

View the answers to questions asked about the Historic Gas Plant RFP here.

Community Engagement

The city hosted a series of community outreach events to solicit public input on development priorities and concerns.

Community Conversations Report Re Comm

Historic Gas Plant District RFP Public Comment


An aggressive timeline has been established to ensure the process continues expediently.

The timeline anticipates:

  • August 2022: RFP is released
  • Mid-September 2022: Pre-proposal development meeting with prospective developers
  • November 2022: Community outreach and internal review
  • Dec 2022: Strengths and weaknesses presented to Mayor Welch
  • Jan 2023: Mayor Welch selects recommended developer
  • May 2023: Term sheet completed with preferred developer
  • September/October 2023: Development agreement presented to City Council for approval. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Previous RFP History