Junk, Rubbish & Outdoor Storage

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Junk, Rubbish & outdoor Storage

Enforcement of property maintenance, zoning and development standards is not just about following the City Code - it is essential for the safety and beauty of St. Pete’s neighborhoods. 

What is the Impact?

The City Code regulates regulates junk, rubbish and outdoor storage for these reasons:

  • Control inappropriate storage of items outside of legal storage structures
  • Eliminate hazards that could attract and endanger children who play in the neighborhood
  • Improve the appearance of neighborhoods
  • Protect property value

The City Code does allow for appropriate outdoor storage of certain items; however, there are limits to what can be left out in the yard. Ordinarily, any equipment, materials or furnishings that are not used outdoors may not be stored outdoors. Additionally, discarded items cannot be left in the yard; they should be collected and disposed of properly. Items that you want to keep can be stored in the house, a fully enclosed garage or other legally constructed and fully enclosed structure.


These can be stored outdoors in an orderly fashion:

  • Barbeque grills
  • Garden tools
  • Firewood stacked on open racks at least 18 inches above the ground
  • Lawn furniture designed to be left out in the weather
  • Lawn mower 
  • Outdoor play equipment


These items are prohibited to be stored outdoors:

  • Appliances and furniture
  • Auto parts and tires
  • Building materials
  • Paper, plastic and cardboard debris or containers
  • Trash and debris
  • Tree trimmings, limbs and yard clipping

Proper Disposal

Trash & Recycling

Trash such as paper, plastics and yard clippings can be disposed of in your residential trash container. Newspaper, aluminum cans and glass or plastic bottles can be recycled. More recycling tips can be found at stpete.org/recycling.

Special Pickup

Household items such as old carpeting, blinds, furniture, appliances, bicycles, swing sets and other items that don’t fit in the trash container can be disposed of with a Special Pickup. Some items may be collected for free, with others for a fee. To schedule, submit in SeeClickFix at stpete.org/service or call the Sanitation Department at 727-893-7398. More information can be found at stpete.org/SpecialPickup. Do not place the items for curbside pickup until the morning of the scheduled Special Pickup. 

How to Get in Touch

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