Complete Streets

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Complete Streets are planned, designed, operated, and maintained to create streets that are safe and convenient for all users of the roadway, including people who are walking, riding bicycles, motorists, people with disabilities, users and operators of public transit, seniors, children, and movers of commercial goods.

Complete Streets makes strategic transportation network connections and improvements within St. Pete’s grid of streets, taking into account the surrounding land uses they’re intended to serve. The resulting transportation design provides a flexible network of routes and facilities, and a variety of modes of transportation that allows for people of all ages and physical and economic abilities to safely and comfortably reach all parts of the city. 

The City of St. Petersburg adopted a Complete Streets Policy on November 2, 2015 (#020400), which was echoed by a Complete Streets City Council Resolution 2015-540

View the Transportation GIS map to view the Complete Streets network, as well as information on speed limits, proposed crosswalk locations, truck routes, and more.