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elevate your flood plan

During hurricanes, tropical storms, and even heavy downpour in some areas—flooding can be a major concern for St. Pete residents and visitors.

Report Flooding  Prepare for the Storm

Stay Safe

If you are advised to evacuate, turn off utilities at the main switches or valves. Disconnect electrical appliances, but do not touch any electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. Avoid fast flowing water or unstable banks.

Visit Florida Disaster’s Flood guide to prepare for all stages of a flood.

Know your Zone

Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map

Insure Your Property

Flood damage and content coverage is available for property within St. Pete through the National Flood Insurance Program  (NFIP) and is backed by the federal government. 

Flood Warning System

The Tampa Bay region, including the city of St. Pete, depends on the National Weather Service (NWS) in Ruskin, Florida for flood threat recognition. The NWS issues flood advisories for our area when expected rainfall may overflow drainage systems and cause isolation of structures due to the potential of ponding flood waters. Primary Emergency Alert Station: 100.7 WMTX-FM

Research & Resources

Please use the following forms when submitting for an elevation or floodproofing permit.  

Forms not compatible with Firefox, if you receive a "please wait" message, click the download icon in the top right corner.


The City provides Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) determinations to let you know if you are in a flood hazard area and if you are required by federal law to carry flood insurance. New FEMA Flood Maps will go into effect on August 24th, 2021. Flood Insurance Rate Maps and parcel specific flood zone information can be viewed at https://msc.fema.gov/portal.

Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Florida Division of Emergency Management have received the following applications for Federal grant funding.


Problem with a road, sidewalk, street sign, stormwater catch basin, street sweeping or related? The Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department is here to help.

The City has a special line dedicated to resolving these issues and more. For the quickest response, call 727-893-7421. Operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket in SeeClickFix at stpete.org/Action.