Sustainability & Resilience

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As one of the select winners of Bloomberg's American Cities Climate Challenge, St. Pete is committed to implementing progressive policies and effective programs to address environmental, economic, and social challenges.

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Environmental Compliance

The Environmental Compliance Division (ECD) helps protect the City's wastewater infrastructure along with human and environmental health by ensuring compliance with federal and state environmental laws and regulations.

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Green Building

Green buildings set the standard for sustainable design and construction, prioritizing a triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit.

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Plans & Policies

The City implements decisions and actions across its many departments, projects, and initiatives to create a more sustainable future for current and future residents and visitors.

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Loans and co-ops that help make going solar easy.

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St. Pete Urban Forestry

Learn about guidelines for tree maintenance and removal, and what the city is doing about tree conservation.

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St. Pete's Commitment

Delivering progressive, sustainable policies and effective programs to address city environmental, economic, and social challenges.

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St. Pete's Water Plan

Learn more about the City of St. Petersburg's holistic infrastructure water plan, including the Stormwater Master Plan, project highlights, what this means for utility customers and how to be sewer smart.

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Urban Agriculture

Access to healthy, affordable food is vital for a sustainable community.

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Waste Reduction

Join St. Pete's 'Road to Zero'.

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Water Conservation

Resources, incentive programs, and tips for residents to help save water and money.

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