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climate action, sustainability & resilience

The City of St. Petersburg recognizes that integrating sustainability into decision-making will enhance its equity, livability, and resilience, and it will promote future growth that addresses environmental, economic, and social equity challenges.

Integrated Sustainability Action Plan

The City's Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP) contains ambitious climate action goals, including a transition to 100% Clean Energy, environmental stewardship, resiliency, and racial justice, while growing smart to sustain a thriving economy and quality of life for the residents of St. Pete. Community and business outreach will be an ongoing part of developing the detailed steps and work needed to accomplish these goals. 

Purpose & USE

The purpose of the ISAP is to serve as a blueprint of current and future sustainability & resiliency initiatives. Like other approved plans and city planning efforts, approval of the ISAP is just the beginning of the work to engage the community, businesses, and City staff to implement actions to meet the City’s ambitious targets. Implementation will be an ongoing effort for years to come emphasizing key priorities, budget and other efficiencies, and continued input from the community. 

Navigating the ISAP

This comprehensive document used a baseline of more than 500 metrics and cuts across many related disciplines from the built and natural environments to economic development, workforce readiness, arts and culture, and much more. The following list describes the key ISAP documents to assist interested parties in navigating this comprehensive work.

Departmental Sustainability

Each of the City’s many departments has the opportunity to update their policies and practices to be more sustainable, equitable, and planet- and people-forward. An internal team with representatives from all departments shares best practices, efficiencies, and innovation for sustainability, resilience, and fiscal responsibility. Below are some of the actions that have been taken across departments to make the City more sustainable.