Water Conservation

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ALERT: ONCE A WEEK WATERING RESTRICTIONS - Effective December 1, 2023, St. Petersburg is under Modified Phase I Water Shortage Order #2023-041 as mandated by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

Every resident, visitor, and business plays a role in conserving St. Pete’s water. Did you know that St. Pete is in a water use caution area as defined by the Southwest Florida Water Management District? St. Pete imports 100% of our drinking water from outside of Pinellas County, so water conservation is essential to ensure sustainable water access for the future. 

The average single-family household in St. Pete uses about 3,700 gallons per month, or 1,700 gallons per person per month (based on average household size of 2.2 people). Find data here. View your utility bill to find out how your water usage compares. Wherever your water usage lies, the City is here to help you conserve water. View the Good Neighbor Guide to Water Conservation for water-saving programs, rebates, resources, and more. Subscribe to the Water Wise eSplash newsletter for water-saving information directly to your inbox.