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Attention: New Composting Workshop dates have been added through 2025. Read below for more information.

Don’t Waste Food Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about 30% of what we throw away could be composted. Composting is the natural process of recycling organic material, like kitchen and yard waste, which breaks down to form a useful, nutrient-rich fertilizer. When we send food scraps and other organic materials to the landfill, we waste valuable nutrients that could be reinvested into our soil. 

Residential Composting Program

St. Petersburg’s Composting Program returns! The City’s free residential compost bin program has been relaunched with resources to help participants be more successful in their composting.

The program remains free and available to single-family residential customers located in incorporated St. Pete as a way to help residents minimize their environmental impact by turning kitchen and yard waste into usable, nutrient-rich fertilizer. The modified composting program will now require residents to attend an in-person educational workshop prior to obtaining their compost bin. During the first year of operation of St. Petersburg’s Composting Program, feedback from users indicated that more education and resources were needed.

For more information about composting, read the residential composting guide. The compost bin is approximately 33" wide at the base and 33" tall. 

How to Participate:

1. Sign up for a required Composting Workshop here. Workshops are offered monthly at recreation centers locations all over St. Pete. Class size is limited and class sign-up will be locked 5 business days prior to each compost class, so plan ahead! Reminder, you must be a resident of incorporated St. Pete and residing in a single-family home. Those registering outside of city limits or residing in multi-family units will not receive a compost bin even if they registered to attend a workshop

  • Step 1: Sign-in with an existing Parks and Recreation account or create a new account.

  • Step 2: Select Home and Search Composting.

  • Step 3: A box will appear with the next scheduled date – Select that date or arrow down to view all possible dates and locations.

  • Step 4: Select composting in blue and reservation tab will open.

  • Step 5: Reserve your spot. You will receive an email confirmation.

2. Get your free composting bin! Attendees at the composting workshops will receive their free composting bin to take home after the workshop. Current participants in St. Pete’s Composting Program may attend a Composting Workshop to learn more but an additional composting bin will not be provided.

3. Start composting! Reroute kitchen and yard waste from the trash into the composting bin. The City does not provide compost collection service, but the user will reap the benefits of the resulting nutrient-rich compost by spreading it on their lawn or garden.

St. Pete's Road to Zero Waste

Composting is one of many ways you can help reduce waste. Find more waste reduction tips at