Special Pickup

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Beyond the Bin

Regular trash and yard waste should be placed in the designated trash bin and not left loose on the curb or in the alley. For large or excess items, arrange for a special pickup. The City will pick up the following items for free:

  • Car batteries (max 5)
  • Car tires (max 5)
  • Doors (max 2)
  • Empty fuel tanks (max 2)
  • Furniture, carpet, and appliances (max 3 cubic yards)
  • Kitchen cabinets (max 2)
  • Windows (max 2)

For removal of items outside of this list (like large quantities of accumulated waste, building materials, and brush) there is a charge of $20.96 per cubic yard.

Arrange for Special Pickup

  1. Call 727-893-7398 or submit in SeeClickFix to request a special pickup prior to placing any items out.
  2. For items that are picked up for free, the Sanitation Department will schedule items to be picked up. For items that are not picked up for free, the Sanitation Department will provide an estimate based on the quantity.
  3. Confirm the pickup fee, if any.
  4. The Sanitation Department picks up your items.

Brush & Yard Waste

The City operates five recycling and brush sites where St. Pete residents can drop off select recyclable materials, yard waste, and other organic byproducts for free. Visitors will be asked to show proof of residency (driver’s license, etc.) at the entrance to each brush site. Find out more on the Brush Sites page.

Christmas Tree Disposal

There are two ways to dispose of your Christmas tree:

  1. Request a Special Pickup of your Christmas tree by submitting a request at stpete.org/service or by calling the Sanitation Department at 727-893-7398 during normal business hours. 
  2. Drop off at one of the City's brush sites listed below. Brush sites are open 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., 7 days a week. Residents should bring a photo ID and water bill for proof of residency. More information at stpete.org/brushsites.

    • 1000 62nd Ave. NE.
    • 7750 26th Ave. N.
    • 2500 26th Ave. S.
    • 4015 Dr. Martin Luther King St. S.
    • 2453 20th Ave. N.
Collected trees will be turned into mulch, which is free to residents at the City's brush sites.


Remove all lights, ornaments, garland, tree stands, plastic tree disposal bags and other decorations. The City of St. Petersburg recommends reducing waste by reusing lights and ornaments, or donating them. **Please note: Strands of Christmas lights can get tangled in machinery and cause significant equipment damage.** Do not place the tree inside trash or recycling containers or lean the tree against electrical poles, trash containers, water meters, etc.