Utilities Account Setup

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Start Utility Service

A deposit is required to start City utilities service – deposit amounts are based on the property location and begin at $100. Alternatives to cash deposits are offered to eligible utility customers (see below). Residents may request a usage average for the address based on the prior resident to estimate monthly service costs. 

To begin service, residents will need to provide their name, date of birth, social security number, phone number, and the property address where they would like to start service.

Turn On Utility Service by Calling Customer Service

To start City Services, call the Utility Customer Service Center at 727-893-7341, then choose option 0.

Set Up Online Utility Account Access

To set up an online account, residents must have an active utility account and an email address.

  1. Follow the Account Login link and click "Create New User." Fill out the online form and all its required fields to create a new user account. The email address given during this step will be used to access and manage the account.
  2. Check the email address provided for an activation link. 
  3. Click the link to access the newly activated user account.
  4. Next, link the utilities account to the user account. Choose Select Account  >  Edit Master Account then add the appropriate account by entering the utility account number (123456-123456), which can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the utility bill. In order to validate the request, residents may also need to provide other account information such as the last due date. 
  5. Once the account has been added, click Select Account to view the account. 

Paperless Billing

Sign up to switch to paperless utility bill delivery. Paperless statements are emailed out monthly when the account bills. Paperless statement subscribers will no longer receive mailed paper bills. To pay online, visit the Manage Utilities page. 

Enroll in Auto Pay

Alternative Deposits

As an alternative to cash deposits, the City offers the option for single-family residential customers to provide a utility reference letter. Similarly, multi-family residential customers and commercial customers can provide a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit as an alternative to a cash deposit to start utility services.

Stop Service

To stop City Services, determine what date water service should be terminated. Call the Utility Customer Service Center at 727-893-7341, then choose option 0. A reading will be taken on the termination date and a final bill mailed out, minus the customer's original deposit.  

Note: Accounts billed for the "Utility Lien Filing Fee" are also required to pay any remaining lien principal and accrued interest owed, which may not be displayed on the account billing information at the time of payment.  In order to determine any applicable lien/interest due, please call Special Collections/Utility Liens at 727-893-7824. Failure to pay any lien principal and interest due may result in additional charges to subsequent accounts or will delay any applicable lien release.