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Complete Streets

The City of St. Petersburg adopted a Complete Streets Policy on November 2, 2015 (#020400), which was echoed by a Complete Streets City Council Resolution 2015-540, to encourage streets that are safe and convenient for all users of the roadway, including persons walking, persons riding bicycles, motorists, persons with disabilities, users and operators of public transit, seniors, children, and movers of commercial goods.

Complete Streets create better transportation environments for people of all ages and physical and economic abilities to safely and comfortably move around the city. Complete Streets are flexible and take into account the surrounding land uses they’re intended to serve and related transportation network connections. The City of St. Petersburg is fortunate in that the street network is a grid and that provides significant transportation mode options and viable route alternatives. The Complete Streets program aims to make strategic connections and improvements within the grid of streets such that a network of routes and facilities are provided for all modes to safely and comfortably reach all parts of the City. Learn more about the Complete Streets program in this presentation.

Implementation Plan

The final versions of the Complete Streets Implementation Plan and Appendices can be found below. 

Complete Streets Final Plan

Complete Streets Plan Appendices

Project Summary – 18th Avenue South Complete Streets Concept Planning Study

The 18th Avenue South Complete Streets Concept Planning Study is currently underway.

The City of St. Petersburg recognizes that the neighborhoods surrounding 18th Avenue South have low rates of motor vehicle ownership and high rates of transit use, making it even more important that walking, bicycling, and accessing bus stops are safe, comfortable, and convenient options. This study builds on the work of the recently completed 18th Avenue South Health Impact Assessment and will identify conceptual plans for the portion of 18th Avenue South from 34th Street to 16th Street that reallocates the street space so that it is shared equitably among all users and all transportation modes.

The desired outcomes of the study are to:

  • Develop and analyze concepts to modify 18th Avenue South in a manner that advances the goals of St. Petersburg’s Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan.
  • Identify safety, operational, and streetscape modifications that will foster an environment supportive of the many existing users of non-motorized transportation options and neighborhood-serving businesses.
  • Moderate excessive motor vehicle speeds while also maintaining travel time reliability.
  • Build understanding, consensus, and support among key community and City stakeholders around an achievable set of modifications for the corridor.
  • Define a set of priority projects that can move forward into engineering design and construction.

Potential improvements that the study will consider include lane reallocations and road diets, separated bikeways, and protected intersections.

Project Updates+

  • View the Project kick-off Presentation.
  • The preliminary survey has concluded. Additional surveys or opportunities for input will be available soon.
  • Additional opportunities for input will be provided throughout the study process.
  • Please continue to check for the latest study information and project updates.

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