Museums, Galleries and Theaters

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A City of Creative Spaces

Creativity flourishes in spaces all across St. Pete. Residents and visitors can find world-renowned museums, a host of independent art galleries and exhibits, and a performing arts scene that celebrates local acts alongside national talent.


Ranked as a top arts and cultural destination among cities its size, St. Pete is home to world-famous museums. Boasting fine art collections, history and science exhibits, and contemporary creations, St. Pete’s museums offer a wide range of educational and cultural experiences.


Independent art galleries show up all across the city, reflecting the active and diverse collection of artists who create in St. Pete. Gallery experiences include ticketed viewing and events, rotating exhibits and art sales, and hands-on opportunities to learn and create.


St. Pete hosts a thriving performing arts scene that takes the stage across the city. A collection of beloved venues present plays, operas, orchestras, dance, poetry, comedy, and concerts to audiences in a year-long lineup that delights locals, visitors, and longtime patrons.

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