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Water Resources

The mission of the Water Resources Department is to provide reliable and efficient water resources for the benefit of the public and the environment.

StPeteStat: An interactive tool displaying performance metrics for the Water Resources Department.


Our Functions and Services: The current department was created in 1975 when the city's water and sewer departments merged. Today, Water Resources is the largest of St. Petersburg's enterprise operations, providing potable water distribution, wastewater (sewage) collection, treatment and disposal, and reclaimed water for irrigation purposes to city residents. It is divided into seven functional divisions:

  • Administration
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Technical Support
  • Wastewater Collection Systems Maintenance
  • Water Reclamation Facilities
  • Water Systems Maintenance
  • Water Treatment and Distribution

Raw water is purchased from Tampa Bay Water and delivered to the city's Cosme Water Treatment and Distribution Plant. It is then pumped via two 25-mile pipelines to St. Petersburg residents.

Wastewater is collected through a network of sanitary sewers and delivered to one of three regional treatment plants for treatment, disposal, and reclaimed water (effluent) production, which is the final product of the wastewater treatment process. Scientific and technical expertise is provided to ensure compliance with public health and environmental regulations.

Current rate information is available through the city's Billing and Collections Department.

Services for Residents

City Residential Services
View the different residential services offered.

Water Rates
View the latest water service rates.

Irrigation Only Water Service
St. Petersburg utility customers may now request to have a separate potable water connection installed for irrigation purposes only.

Wastewater Collection & Maintenance
View information on the maintenance and collection of wastewater in the city's wastewater collection system.

Reclaimed Water
View information on the City's reclaimed water system.

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