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Alley Recycling Collection 

Since late June 2015, St. Petersburg residents have successfully reduced the amount of trash sent to the landfill by participating in the city’s recycling program. Residents not only played a major role in helping the city achieve a much-lower-than-expected contamination rate during the program’s first few months, they also helped Pinellas County achieve the highest rate of recycling statewide. 

But there is still work to be done.

In order to increase recycling participation and to make it more convenient for residents who currently have their trash picked up in the alley, the city began collecting recyclables in alleys in January 2016. Alley recycling collection occurs on your designated recycling day.

If you have trash picked up in the alley, your recycling will be picked up in the alley.

If you have trash picked up at the curb, your recycling will be picked up curbside. 

Alley Container Placement Guidelines

This change affects approximately 31,000 addresses and only those addresses which currently have alley trash pickup. 

To explain the move toward alley collection, a series of Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Alley Recycling has been developed. Residents may also contact the Sanitation Department with questions at 893-7838.

2018 Recycling Zone Calendars

Zone-specific 2018 recycling calendars and information about alley recycling are in the mail. If you do not receive a calendar by January 16, contact Sanitation Customer Service at 727-893-7838.

Alternatively, customers may print their zone calendar found below or use the free St. Pete Collects mobile app to keep track of collection days. To print on one page, change the orientation to Landscape and use an 80% scale.

Printable 2018 Residential Recycling Calendars 

A1-Grey | B2-Yellow | A3-Red | B4-Green | A5-Purple | B6-Orange | A7-Pink | B8-Blue

How Are We Doing?

In the spirit of transparency, the city is releasing a monthly scorecard to show the public how the recycling program is doing. The results typically run a month behind.

Some key measurements used in determining the success of recycling in St. Petersburg are:

      • the number of residents participating;
      • the amount of materials (tons) recycled;
      • city cost – both the amount received for materials taken to the recycling processor and the amount saved from lower quantities of trash being delivered to the County facility. 

Information will be updated on a monthly basis. 

Missed Collection?

Recycling customers who missed collection on their designated recycling day may contact 893-7838 to re-schedule recycling pickup. Calls received at the Sanitation Department before 4 p.m. may have recycling collected the same day; calls received after 4 p.m. will be collected the following weekday.

Find Your Collection Day

Residential recycling customers are reminded that under city ordinance, containers may be placed at the curb by 7 p.m. the night before collection; by 7 a.m. on collection day and removed by 7 p.m. the same day to the side or back of the residence.  

St. Pete Collects Mobile App

Never miss another residential trash and/or recycling collection day with St. Pete Collects! Download the app for personal reminders before collection days and automatic notifications when holidays or bad weather impacts your schedule. Make recycling easy with mobile collection events, tips for a greener lifestyle and our Waste Wizard to look up accepted materials.

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Accepted Recyclables

With the city's recycling program, there is no need to separate items. Items that may be recycled include:

      • Glass Containers (all colors)
      • Aluminum & Steel cans, steel jar lids
      • Milk & Juice cartons, drink boxes
      • Most Plastics with numbered triangles #1-7 - see below for plastics restrictions
      • Newspapers, magazines, mail, shopping ads, windowed envelopes
      • Mixed Paper/Cardboard
All recyclables must be rinsed or free of food particles (no yard waste or regular trash)

St. Petersburg's Guide to Recycling Plastics

Put only recyclable material in the recycling container. No plastic bags in the recycling container! These will be thrown out during sorting.

Most plastics with numbered triangles (#1-#7) are accepted in St. Petersburg’s recycling program with these exceptions:

  • plastic trash or grocery bags filled with recyclable materials (these bags and everything in them will be thrown out as part of the sorting process)
  • plastic grocery bags (return grocery or retail store plastic bags to store drop-off locations for recycling or purchase and use recyclable shopping bags)
  • dry cleaning bags
  • plastic wrappers (around packages of water bottles, paper towels, etc.) 
  • flimsy plastic packaging
  • Styrofoam

Not sure what’s recyclable or trash? Check the decal on the blue container lid or use the Waste Wizard through the St. Pete Collects mobile app.

The city will continue to maintain five drop-off recycling centers/brush sites for those wishing to use them.

Have a question about the Recycling program? Contact the Sanitation Department at 727-893-7838.

Mobile Collection

Safely dispose of electronics or hazardous chemicals during Mobile Collection Days in St. Petersburg or throughout the year in Pinellas County. Mobile Collection Days are held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018, at the SPC Gibbs Campus, 6605 5th Ave. N. from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 8, 2018, at the SPC Allstate Center, 3200 34th St. S. from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 

St. Petersburg residents may also call the Sanitation Department at 893-7398 for FREE pickup of TVs, furniture or computer equipment.

View our White Board Video on  Recycling:


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