Mirror Lake Local Historic District

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Mirror Lake Local Historic District

Project Overview

The City of St. Petersburg has received a citizen-initiated request to consider a local historic district designation for a portion of the Mirror Lake neighborhood. The historic significance of this area was previously recognized through the 2004 listing of the Downtown St. Petersburg Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places. This area’s additional listing as a local historic district in the St. Petersburg Register of Historic Places would establish a layer of protection intended to preserve the area’s character by encouraging sensitive changes over time.

In accordance with City Code Section, the City of St. Petersburg’s Urban Planning and Historic Preservation Division will facilitate the request starting with a public information meeting, followed by the distribution of ballots, and possible processing of an application for local historic district designation. This page is intended to provide regular updates, meeting dates and times, and links to relevant information.

Summary of Next Steps and Procedures

Upcoming Deadlines

2024-05-21: Ballots must be returned or postmarked on or before this date

2024-03-22: Ballots distributed by US Mail with Certificate of Mailing, Cover Letter

Past Meetings

2024-01-10: Public Information Meeting| Notice, Presentation

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