Community Redevelopment Areas

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The St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Agency has established three community redevelopment areas (CRAs), adopted redevelopment plans, and approved redevelopment trust funds. South St. Petersburg, Intown, and Intown West have all been designated as CRAs.

Section 163.371 of Florida Statutes requires municipalities to prepare and file an annual report with the county or municipality that created the community redevelopment agency and publish the report on the agency’s website. Please reference them for my information on development activity in the CRA.

South St. Petersburg

The South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) was established to promote reinvestment in housing and neighborhoods, commercial corridors, business development, education and workforce development, and non-profit capacity building within the South St. Petersburg CRA. The 4,777-acre CRA is the largest in St. Petersburg and one of the largest in Florida. The CRA encompasses Greater Childs Park more than twenty neighborhood and business associations, and two Florida Main Street Districts.

Grants & Loans for South St. Pete


Intown Redevelopment Area

The City’s second largest CRA measures nearly 643 acres (both land and water) and encompasses Downtown from the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel in the northeast to Tropicana Field in the southwest. It also includes the University Park neighborhood, the City’s waterfront park system, and the commercial core of Downtown along Central Avenue.


Intown West Redevelopment Area

This 193-acre CRA lies north and west of Tropicana Field and is bounded by I-175, I-275, Burlington Avenue North, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street.