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Technology Services

Mission Statement

The Technology Services department will strive to pursue, implement and operate information systems and technologies that most effectively and efficiently support the City departments in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the City. All Technology Services employees will provide exceptional customer service to both our internal customers and the public. Technology Services management values team members as our most important assets and will ensure good working conditions, fair compensation, the opportunity for growth, and employment security to create a working environment that fosters innovative solutions and cooperative problem-solving.

Services Provided

The City's Technology Services department provides centralized management of all core business Information Technology (IT) related resources. The department provides for the development of a city-wide technology training plan and security plan to educate and protect our employees.

Technology Services facilitates the implementation of city-wide technical standards to assure inter and intra departmental compatibility, resulting in streamlined, electronic work flow processes that will replace manual, paper processes. The Department will foster the utilization of proven technologies, including wireless network access, to further enable mobile computing for our employees in the field.

Technology Services promotes the utilization of web based technologies as a means of doing City business, both internally and externally enabling the public as well as City staff access to City information and services on a 24 x 7 basis.

The Technology Services department comprises of the following divisions:

IT Security establishes the City’s information security policies, standards and procedures, and protects the electronic information generated and stored within the City. We maintain the information privacy and protection of confidential information, ensuring that a well-functioning security system remains in place providing full protection for all data leaving and entering the City.

Systems Development/GIS provides application support and development for enterprise-wide business systems applications, desktop-based applications, GIS applications, Internet and Intranet systems. Systems Development is responsible for setting the standards for all software and approving and coordinating the installation of all new software applications throughout the City.

GIS offers the ability for anyone to view, create and print maps of St. Petersburg via the Intranet. The goal for the City GIS team is to provide city-wide and public access to the vast amount of GIS data, both graphical and non-graphical, using desktop PC's.

Oracle eBusiness Solutions provides application support and development for the Oracle eBusiness Suite (eBS) of business applications and the Oracle Work Order and Asset Management (WAM) system. The City utilizes the Oracle eBS to manage human resources, finance, payroll, budget, projects, grants, property management, housing loans, billing and collections, purchasing, and inventory. Water Resources and Stormwater operations utilize the WAM system to manage their assets and inventory.

Computer Systems provides all server, storage system, database and e-mail administration for City enterprise systems. This team supports IBM iSeries, Sun Solaris and Windows operating system platforms as well as Oracle and SQL Server databases. The Computer Systems Division hosts all city public facing web sites and intranet web sites. This team also provides enterprise backup and recovery services for systems on all of these platforms.

IT Technical Support provides desktop support, network support and operations support services throughout the City.

Desktop Support provides support for all personal computers (PCs) including desktop computers, laptop computers, and virtual computers used by City personnel. This team also supports PC software, applications, and the peripheral hardware used by PCs. 

Network Support provides design, installation, and operational support for the City's private data network. The City network is extended across the Internet via a series of virtual private networks that provide secure connectivity to all of the smaller facilities owned by the City. These facilities include fire stations, libraries, water treatment facilities, and recreation centers.  The network support team is responsible for approving and coordinating all additions and changes to the City's network.

Operations Support provides end-user support through the Help Desk. The Operations team provides the first level of support to all City employees in need of assistance. The Operations team also manages the day-to-day operation of the City’s primary data center.

Telecommunications acquires, installs and maintains an infrastructure of almost 3000 telephones, voice mailboxes, cellular and satellite telephones at over 100 locations across the City. Telecom also provides departments with phone trees and call centers and external system interconnects through its network of advanced Avaya switches. Telecom designs the provisioning of voice and cable TV communications services and cable TV service in every new and remodel building construction project.

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