Wastewater Discharge Preliminary Notification - 8.22.2021

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Wastewater Discharge Preliminary Notice - 08.22.2021

A wastewater discharge of more than 10,000 gallons has occurred near the intersection of Central Ave. and 79th St. S. Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach and City of St. Petersburg teams have been engaged to determine ownership of the leak and for resolution. This is a preliminary notice, more information to come.

**UPDATE - 8/23 at 11 a.m.**
The discharge was a leak of St. Pete Beach wastewater which was being pumped to St. Pete for treatment. The discharge was approximately 95,500 gallons and approximately 70,500 made it to surface water. The City of St. Petersburg is working closely with St. Pete Beach to mitigate impacts to St. Pete citizens. Water quality sampling is being performed in cooperation with St. Pete Beach. Signage will remain in place until water quality results indicate the water is safe. Residents should avoid contact with water in and around Boca Ciega Bay at Central Ave. and Sunset Park.