Wastewater Discharge Notification - 8/20/2023

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Wastewater Discharge Notification - 8/20/2023

The discharge into Riviera Bay has been stopped while City crews conduct repairs to the 24-inch main. Repairs are expected to be completed by Tuesday, August 22. 

The public is advised to avoid contact with Riviera Bay until further notice and water quality testing is completed. 

Expect intermittent road closures at the San Martin Blvd. NE Bridge while containment efforts and construction work is ongoing.

Again, current containment efforts are underway and effectively capturing the sewage as it leaks from the pipe, including the construction of a pit lined with sandbags. City crews are utilizing vacuum trucks (vactors) onsite to pull the sewage out of the pit, preventing any additional leakage into the bay. All sewage vacuumed from the containment pit is trucked away for full treatment in the City's wastewater facilities.

Original discharge notification: On August 18, 2023, approximately 800 gallons of wastewater was discharged at the 8400 block of Tallahassee Dr. NE due to a line break. Approximately 600 gallons flowed to Riviera Bay.